Raising funds for mental health through art

Our Partners

We currently partner with 501c(3) mental health nonprofits based in the United States.

We have four partnered mental health nonprofits, two of which are the largest grassroots mental health nonprofits in the United States: Mental Health America (MHA) and Active Minds. 

How it Works

  • The Giving Gallery (TGG) platform is a free, independent financing platform for mental health nonprofits. Artists sign up for free and build an online shop of artwork they wish to sell

  • For every art sale, 40% of the sale proceeds goes to a partnered mental health nonprofit of the buyer’s choice, the artist receives 40% commission, and The Giving Gallery receives 20%

  • The Giving Gallery platform is the “middle-person” that builds and maintains the platform, facilitates transactions, works with the artist to package and ship the art to the buyer, and ensures that both the artist and nonprofit receive their financial portion of each sale

Partner Benefits

The Giving Gallery is a collective impact model. In other words, it's a win-win-win between mental health nonprofits, artists, and art buyers. Our growth is organic in nature and compounds (network effect). In other words, as more artists join and nonprofits promote our mission, sales and awareness increase. 

  • Art sales directly support partnered mental health nonprofits and artists
  • Existing donors get to enjoy a new and creative way to support mental health through art
  • Artists in your nonprofit network get the opportunity to join a community of artists supporting mental health, share their story, and connect with art buyers
  • Be part of a global network of artists, buyers, and nonprofits who are working together to raise awareness and funds

Rethink mental health fundraising