Grow your mission through art.


The Giving Gallery is a community of artist-advocates selling their artwork to support mental health nonprofits. Proceeds from every art sale are split between the artist and a partnered mental health nonprofit of the buyer’s choice.

Partnership Benefits

  • Receive donations from art sales year-round
  • Artists in your membership get a platform share their creativity in support of your mission
  • Donors enjoy a creative way to support your mission
  • We promote your mission through our network of artists and art collectors

How Sales Work

  • Partnered nonprofits earn 40% donation of each art sale. Artist’s also earn 40% from the profit of each sale. Our platform fee is 20%.
  • The buyer pays sales tax, shipping, and payment processing fees
  • We work with the artist to ship the artwork
  • We send nonprofits their total donations from art sales quarterly