It's time to get creative with fundraising. We partner with 501c(3) mental health nonprofits in the United States to raise funds and awareness for mental health nonprofits through art sales. Our Artist Advocates join our mission and build their own free Giving Gallery Shop of artwork they wish to sell.

Donations From Sale

For every art sale, a partnered mental health nonprofit of the buyer's choice receives a 40% donation, the artist receives 40% commission, and The Giving Gallery receives 20% to keep the platform running. The Giving Gallery team facilitates every sale, working with the artist to package and ship the art to the buyer, to finally cutting the checks to nonprofits and artists!


Artist Advocate Community

Artists in your nonprofit network get the opportunity to be part of a free online community of artist advocates passionate about mental health raise awareness.


Donor Engagement

Donors enjoy a creative and alternative way to support your mission while also supporting artists. Giving Gallery Artists and stakeholders promote our platform, giving your nonprofit exposure to a whole new creative network.