We are a group of passionate visionaries and tech nerds, whose mission is that of merging the arts with nonprofit missions.


The Giving Gallery is a community of artists and nonprofits working together to sell art that gives back. For every piece of art sold, 40-80% is a donation to a partnered nonprofit the buyer chooses. We have launched with mental and behavioral health nonprofits, and working to expand to social, health, and education sectors.

Vision: Artists and nonprofits partnering to sell art that strengthens nonprofit missions and community.

Mission: A mutually empowering platform for artists and nonprofits to sell art that gives back.

Why Join?

Why Artists Are Selling Art:
  • Feel purpose selling art that gives back to nonprofit missions
  • Increase visibility as an artist
  • Connect with artists and nonprofits
Why Nonprofits are Partnering:
  • Provide donors with a creative, alternative, and meaningful way to support nonprofits
  • Raise awareness of nonprofit programs and activities
  • Invite your artist members to join and create art that gives back
Why People Buy Art That Gives:
  • Feel purpose buying art that supports nonprofit missions
  • Gift an art piece to a loved one who appreciates the story and cause
  • Tax write-off for the donation part of the sale (40-80%)
  • Connect with artists and nonprofit missions

Meet the Team

Amanda | CEO
Andrew | Software Engineer
Chris | Developer

Founding Story:

The Giving Gallery’s founding story is rooted in passion for mental health and social change. Amanda Lipp, Founder and CEO, first had the idea for The Giving Gallery during her stay a psychiatric hospital her freshman year of college. After months of making little progress, a nurse walked over and handed Amanda a box of crayons, and that’s when everything changed. Amanda began layering and etching with crayons, wondering how her art could connect her back to the community. After Amanda was discharged from the hospital, she began volunteering with local nonprofits to meet peers and reconnect. She began auctioning her crayon art, promoting fundraisers, and sharing her story across the nation. This led to raising thousands of dollars for local to national mental health nonprofits, and sparked the vision that artists and causes could have a platform that was mutually empowering and mission-driven: The Giving Gallery.