Buy art or sell art that supports mental health nonprofits

The Giving Gallery is a philanthropic startup that presents a unique way to finance mental health nonprofits through the art market.

Art sales support both a partnered mental health nonprofit of the buyer's choice as well as the artist. We currently have hundreds of artists signed up from around the world, and four partnered mental health nonprofits, two of which are the largest grassroots mental health nonprofits in the United States: Mental Health America (MHA) and Active Minds. 


We believe artist's play a critical role in raising awareness of mental health.

Collective impact is our philosophy: connecting the art community with mental health nonprofits to impact mental health.

How It Works

Artists join our free platform by building their very own Giving Gallery Shop of artwork they wish to sell. Proceeds from every art sale are split between the artist and a partnered mental health nonprofit of the buyer's choice. The Giving Gallery team facilitates every stage of the sale, working with the artist to package and ship the art to the buyer, to paying the artist and nonprofit their portion of the sale once the art is successfully received by the buyer.

Our Story

Amanda Lipp, Founder and CEO, first had the idea for The Giving Gallery while she was a patient at a psychiatric hospital her freshman year of college. A psychiatric nurse handed her a box of crayons, and Amanda began drawing her way towards recovery. After she was discharged, she began auctioning her crayon drawings at local mental health nonprofits. This led to raising thousands and the The Giving Gallery vision for how other artists also sell their art and story to support mental health.


Interested in Volunteering?

We are looking for people passionate about mental health and art to join our team.