We are a community of artists selling art that supports nonprofit missions

Connecting art, stories, and causes

Every piece of art sold directly supports artists and nonprofits.

The art market is growing and so are nonprofit missions.

What we offer:

Are you an artist?
  • Upload and sell your art to support nonprofit missions and your art business
  • Increase your visibility and Giving status as an artist
  • Connect with other artists and nonprofits
  • Get direct marketing support and art resources from The Giving Gallery
Are you a nonprofit?
  • Provide donors with a creative, alternative, and meaningful way to support your mission
  • Raise awareness of your nonprofit programs and activities
  • Invite your artist members to join and create art that gives back.
Are you an art buyer?
  • Get inspired by art and stories that directly support nonprofit missions
  • Tax write-off for the donation part of each art sale (40-80%)
  • Connect with artists and nonprofit missions that inspire you