A message from the Founder, Amanda:

I want to inform our incredible network of artists and community that The Giving Gallery is temporarily down. Please know that my team and I are fully committed to RE-BUILDING and creating an even better platform in the coming months. Artist and profile information is safe, and it will be transferred to our new website. I understand this has been incredibly frustrating for some of our artists, and I truly apologize for this. I thank you for your patience and understanding during this wild past few months of falling, learning, and now growing. As many of you know, we are a volunteer-run platform with a mission for elevating artists and mental health. Our platform is free to use and built out of love and passion. Art sale proceeds are split between the artist and partnered mental health nonprofits, because we believe artists and mental health nonprofits are stronger together. We launched this site almost 3 years ago and have partnered with some of the largest mental health nonprofits in the nation who back our mission, and receive a portion of art sales $ from our incredible network of artists from around the world. We’ve even had nonprofits from other countries want to partner (stay tuned!). As many of you know, my idea for this all started when I began drawing in the psychiatric hospital after a breakdown during college. I then began auctioning those drawings for mental health nonprofits and raised thousands. I thought to myself, “What if there was  an “Etsy for Mental Health” where any artist could have a platform to share their story, sell their art, and support mental health nonprofits? I have many lessons-learned the past three years building The Giving Gallery and I know there is a lot I can do to improve as a leader. I thank you for your support. Stay tuned to meet some new team members of The Giving Gallery who are stoked to get the plane off the ground again! I welcome your messages if you’d like to volunteer and support our re-building.

With love and appreciation, Amanda
amanda@thegivinggallery.org 😊